Keep Rockin’ The C-Suite

Derived from a classic Steve Miller Band tune,
Keep Rockin’ The C-Suite is composed for a pop and rock festival atmosphere.

We Got A New CEO

Inspired by a ZZ Top blues classic,
this 12-bar blues tune is filled with excitement & dedicated to CEOs of global organizations.

That New CEO Amazing

Developed from hard driving Aerosmith tuneage,
That New CEO Amazing illustrates the complex journey of hiring a new CEO.

I’m Off To The C-Suite

Patterned after AC/DC’s Thunderstruck,
this insanely rock n’ roll tune personifies what it takes to make it to the C-Suite.

Valuation Creation

Derived from a hard hitting AC/DC tune,
Valuation Creation is dedicated to professionals who are passionate about investment banking.

It’s A Nice Day For Investing

Inspired by Billy Idol,
It’s A Nice Day For Investing celebrates institutional, retail, and individual investors.

Stock Price

Developed after a popular tune by The Police,
Stock Price is a passionate reminder of business fundamentals.

Smart CFO

I saw a CFO with board notes in his hand,
is the first line in this fun, funky tune is patterned after Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London.

Supply Chain Is A Sonic Boom

Supply Chain Is A Sonic Boom is known for its distinctive guitar riffs. This electric blues tune is inspired by the late Freddie King.

Tech Rockstar

Every tech founder (in fact every tech professional) on the planet ought to be blasting Tech Rockstar 24/7. Turn the volume up and enjoy!

The Best Darn CFO

CFOs deserve a shout-out.
Patterned after a Marshall Tucker Band classic,
Best Darn CFO is loved by finance professionals.


Inspired by The Rolling Stones,
Our CMO affectionately celebrates marketing professionals who make markets grow.

Meet The New CFO

Stock price gonna’ grow. Balance sheet gonna’ glow.
Eric Clapton’s Sweet Home Chicago was the inspiration for this hard-hitting blues tune!

The New York Stock Exchange

Discover why finance professionals love
turning up the volume on this electrifying blues tune inspired by Jimi Hendrix.

Rock N’ Roll Is For The C-Suite

Gaining perspectives. Improving our skills.
This AC/DC inspired tune will shake you and quake you. Turn the volume up!

We Better Comply

Composed for CISO and Compliance Executives, this blues tune is patterned after a wildly
popular Eric Clapton blues-based, rock tune!

Built Up My Supply Chain

Derived from a Bruce Springsteen hit,
Built Up My Supply Chain honors professionals who manage global supply chains.


It’s time to celebrate Cyber Security Executives
and impressive guitar riffs, all at the same time. Thank you CISOs. Thank you Jimi Hendrix.

Flipbook Title

Inspired by a blues-based rock classic, this 12-bar rhythm and blues tune is filled with hard driving excitement. Dedicated to Chief Executive Officers, the song celebrates the direct relationship between effective CEO leadership and stock price performance. Without a doubt, the tune revels in Kraig’s love for blues-based rock n’ roll.